In The Aetherlight: The Chronicles of the Resistance, Lukas is an echo of Luke, the author of the third Gospel and book of Acts. Whilst you know he isn’t a central character to the story of Abraham, he has a huge role within our game from the beginning as a keen historian of Aethasia’s golden age, the Great Engineer and his Technology. As the chronicler of the Resistance, Lukas aids players in the discovery of the world of Aethasia, and keeps track of the work of the Scarlet Man and the Resistance.

As a parent, studying the gospel of Luke as well as Acts, we find that Luke authored more of the New Testament than anyone else, even Paul. As a physician and beloved friend to Paul, he undertook an extremely ambitious task in writing a two-volume record of the teachings and works of Jesus Christ on the earth as well as the history of the church in its first thirty years. But one thing is made clear throughout the gospel of Luke: he is actively trying to convince people of the truth of Christian claims.

In the game, Lukas is a scientist, doctor, historian, and tinker. A bit more clumsy than your stereotypical scientist, he is desperately trying to restore Aethasia to its original likeness using bits and pieces of any old Engineer technology. Particularly, he is interested in studying the effects of fog and how to uncover the cause. As a creative investigator, he tinkers in his workshop attempting to craft and solve some of the problems within Aethasia.

The character Lukas is not unlike the the author, Luke, as both had amazing opportunities to meet with many eyewitnesses to special events and moments caused by the Great Engineer. By recording and investigating Jesus’ life, Luke provided future generations a chance to experience the fullness of humanity as expressed in the human Jesus and the impact of announcement of the Good News he announced for all humanity. Its this Good News the stories of the old testament are all aching for in some way, so they can know God more intimately in a just and loving world where God rightfully reigns as he does in heaven. In the same way Lukas’ works to draw the Resistance to the work and person of the Great Engineer, and to his work and plans for the people of Aethasia.

Through the loveable, bumbling mad-scientist, the Aetherlight intersects the real life of the apostle Luke—beloved friend, historian, physician, and advocate of Jesus Christ.

Lukas is a class act, and favourite character for many players! He’s both Chronicler and Clown. Through these thoughts, as well as other resources provided here and around the Aetherlight, you have many opportunities to talk to the players in your home, unpacking this further. When you do, we’d love to hear about it!

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