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Your kids will experience the Bible like never before!

Join thousands of families in an action-adventure game that brings the bible story to life!

About the Game

The Aetherlight presents the Bible in a language kids understand —GAMES!

The Aetherlight is the most engaging Bible experience your kids will ever have. Starting with the story of Abraham, players find themselves on an episodic adventure, allegorizing the Biblical story. Created by Scarlet City Studios in New Zealand, who are committed to providing a quality game that is fun, safe and secure, The Aetherlight will captivate today’s kids in the epic story of the Bible.


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Parent Approved

Parents all over the world have shared their love for The Aetherlight and the curiosity it creates with regard to the Bible. See what they’re saying.


All Ages

Connect with your kids in something that they love! The Aetherlight is fun for the whole family.

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Parent Updates

The Aetherlight provides resources for you, including conversation starters and game insights so you can reward you kids on their progress.

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Real Biblical Learning

Go deeper into the Bible and the game world through YouVersion Bible Reading Plans, Companion App, and The Aetherlight Companion Bible by Tyndale.

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Real World Action

The game aims to foster discussion and positive actions in real life for the greater good of all.

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Safety First

We are committed to the highest level of online safety and chat moderation to keep your kids safe.

About Season One

Experience Season One of the Aetherlight with three fantastic episodes, starting with the founding of the Resistance in No Man’s Landing and culminating in the far off lands of the Snowmoors!

The Aetherlight is designed to be experienced in Episodes, much like your favorite Netflix series. Each episode includes over 15 hours of gameplay and new adventures from the bible. No more constant nagging for a 99c purchase!


Episode 1: Birth of the Resistance

The Story of Abraham and Isaac

In the run-down streets of No Man’s Landing, something new is stirring. The fog swirls with news of arrivals unlike any that have come through the sleepy seaside town before. Strangers from afar bring hope, and a fair share of trouble, while whispers of a fledgling underground movement led by a mysterious Scarlet Man add to the tension in the air. Will you join the Resistance?


Episode 2: The Resistance Takes Flight

The Story of Jacob and Esau

Julian and Edmund have been competing for years, but now these two underground racers may have crossed more than just the finish line. When tensions boil over and trust is betrayed, both are in for a race unlike any they have experienced before. It will take one of them far beyond No Man’s Landing to find new allies, new challenges, and a new reason to race!


Episode 3: The Resistance Melts Down

The Story of Joseph

There’s no trouble like snow trouble! The Snowmoors are melting, and only someone like Jefferson will be able to figure out what to do about it. He’s smart and resourceful, and really annoying! Maybe that’s why he was abandoned in the snowy wastes all alone, but now the Resistance has sent you to help with his mission, before it’s too late!

Get Started

The Aetherlight is available on iPad, Android tablets, Mac or PC, and offers individual and family options to best suit your needs. Once you pick the best option below, you will create an account for your child, as well as an account for yourself where we will send you progress updates and info on the lessons your kid is going through.

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What parents are saying

  • Thank you so much! My husband and I love that there's a game that our children can play that teaches them about the Bible.

    Rachel Wheaton, Illinois // May 14, 2016
  • The allegorical Biblical parallel makes me happy as a Dad and Pastor. I have enjoyed playing, but also has my wife, and my oldest child. Please keep making episodes. We love this game!

    Matt Denver, Colorado // June 2, 2016
  • I believe that Aetherlight is the best evangelism and teaching tool I have ever come across. It connects young people with the bible, whether they are churched or not.

    Tony Anglican Community Pastor, Auckland, New Zealand // August 2, 2016